Sunday, August 27, 2006

So glad we came

I'm so glad we didn't get a chance to go to Mongolia and hence took the SEA route instead. Coming to Thailand was a blessing. It is such a beautiful country, I can't believe we didn't come sooner.

The people here are amazingly friendly, the food wonderful and the sights, breathtaking. We've both said that we have to come back for sure again some day. There is so much more we still have to see here ... and of course, we must visit our paradise again. :)

We're now in KL and it is good to be back again to see my family. The food, of course, has been mouthwatering. We already had nasi lemak, chicken rice, mee, curry laksa, chee cheong fun, and..... DURIAN! Yes, yummm.... M'sia durian I tell ya.. you just can't beat it.

We'll be hanging out here for a couple weeks before we head out to Delhi!


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