Saturday, August 12, 2006


Since we're in Thailand, we figured it'd be a good time to go see some elephants! The elephants here seem to be smaller than what I've expected. I'm probably thinking of African elephants. Not that these are small, I wouldn't want to get under its foot for sure!

At the trek location, we got onto the elephant's back where they had a little bench tied on. Ian and I are hanging on for dear life as the benches are tiny and it seems easy enough to fall off these giant creatures. After heading into the river and out, our guide asks us if we want a photo. Sure! He gets off the head of the elephant and starts shooting away with our camera. Good for us since they charge 200 baht for one they take with their camera after!

Anyways, this guy gets us each to get onto the elephant's neck/head for photos. Not so bad, the elephant isn't moving. After a while, they get me to get on again. I'm thinking, okay, I'll just sit here for a bit, not so bad. Then the guide jumps into my seat on the bench and I'm like what?! I'm not sitting here while the elephant starts walking! It's not like I had anything to grab onto. There were his big flappy ears but I didn't think Dumbo would be too happy with that. The guide is grabbing onto the back of my shirt the entire time. Not like that would have done much if I fell!

I was leaning back and grabbing onto Ian's arm for the first little while but relaxed after a while and let go. This isn't so bad. The ride is smoother than the camel. Dumbo was kinda cute. A little hairier than I thought (never knew elephants had hair!) but not so bad.

In the end, there wasn't a stampede and all went well. Dumbo got a little huffy at points and blew out his trunk but that was all. I really enjoyed the ride and wished we could have spent more time with these wonderful creatures.


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