Saturday, August 12, 2006

Miki's cooking

While here in Kanchanaburi, we signed up for a popular cooking course at a guest house. We've always loved Thai food and what would be better than being able to make it ourselves! It has always apppeared to be somewhat complicated, with all the spices and all but suprisingly, our cooking course has thought us that it really is quite simple!

The day started out with an awesome instructor. His/her name was Miki. :) She was fabulous - lots of character. We went to the morning market where we learned about different times of spices and veggies. It was quite interesting. We were there at about 11ish and were told that this market opens at 4am! They usually go there then, get their goods and go back to sleep. Insane!

Back at the kitchen, our first dish was the infamous Tom Yum soup. She made 3 variations, one with tom yum paste, two without but one with chilli oil and the other not. Delicious.
Then she also showed us how to make Tom Kha Kai (coconut soup with chicken). Again, with and without chilli oil. My favourite was this soup with the chilli oil. Mmmm... savoury.

At this point, we were getting a little ansy though because we haven't touched the wok yet! Miki had done all the cooking and we just watched! Now, it was our turn. We were going to make Pad Thai! So insanely simple it's amazing. There were 8 of us and we got to sample each other's creations. Ours was by far the spiciest. :P All were very good.

Next, we were going to learn how to make 3 different types of curry! Can we say YUMM?! First was Massaman (originating from India, also known as Masala), then we made Red and Green Curry. Again, amazingly easy. The Red Curry was my favourite although the Massaman was a close second.

Did we ever feast that day. All 8 of us were completely stuffed. Ian and I didn't even have dinner that night. It was that good. :) Hopefully we'll still remember how to make all this stuff when we get back to Canada!


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Janet Ho said...

Wayne and I did the cooking class when we were in Chiang Mai as well. I was about to recommend you going to a cooking class in Thailand. (didn't read your Thailand blog until today) It's awesome! Thing is we might not be able to find the proper ingredient back in Toronto...


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