Saturday, August 26, 2006

We found paradise

We've heard a lot about Erawan National Park while here in Kanchanaburi. We've read that it had a 7 tier waterfall and was one of the most beautiful parks. Sounds good, we had to check it out. Little did we know how beautiful it really was.

We got there and started our hike up to the different tiers. The first tier was pretty, the water was amazing, an aqua blue colour. Nicer than any other waterfall I've seen so far.

We keep walking. The second tier was WOW. There were people swimming in it and I was tempted but we only had limited time there and wanted to see more so we kept going.

The third tier was breathtaking. It's everything we've seen in movies and travel photos but never thought we'd get to a place like this. Massive waterfall and aqua blue water.

We kept this one in mind for swimming. The next 2 waterfalls were pretty but didn't compare. At this point, we really wanted to go swimming and decide to forgoe the last 2 since we were told they weren't good for swimming anyways.

We went back down and dipped into the pool. Water was cool but not so bad. Then a really weird thing happened, we were getting nibbled at! There were tons of fishes in the pond and they keep nibbling at you if you stay still. It doesn't really hurt, tickles more like it but still! I really wasn't enjoying the nibbling so you had to keep moving. We swam out to the waterfall and sat under it. It was STRONG but amazing. I've always dreamt of swimming under a waterfall and we did. I sat there and looked around and thought, this really was paradise. It was tropical and beautiful. Someday, I would like to camp there.

How amazing would that be?


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