Monday, August 07, 2006

Cheap rides

It's amazing, they have these commuter trains running from Bangkok to the north and west which are the cheapest forms of transportation we've ever taken! They're basically old, rickety subways (not air conditioned) going along the railroad tracks. These are considered to be 3rd class train rides here.

The first time we took one was from Bangkok to Lopburi. We figured we could survive 3 hours of hell if need be. It turned out to be semi decent, although a bit hot. This first train actually sounded like a diesel bus. It was a little weird but they had a ton of hawkers walking through the trains selling lots of goodies. This 3 hour train ride cost us 26 baht each which is less than 1 dollar CDN! It's amazing that they charge so little, that would be how much we might pay for a meal as well.

Since the first ride was ok, we hopped on another train from Lopburi to Ayutthaya. Only an hour this time. This one for whatever reason, was a little hotter but still, a great way to travel. This was more like a real train in the sense that it actually had an engine up front. Great way to see the countryside.


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Bring me back a money! :)


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