Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The best EGGTARTS in the world!!

Wow, so here in Shanghai, we have had the most amazing eggtarts EVER! We were strolling along the pedestrian area in Shanghai and came across this area selling lots of goodies. My eye caught the eggtart stand and fought Ian's pulls away from it. :D Good thing too because we ended up buying 4 for 10Y and spent the next little while in heaven. :)

They were sooooo fresh ... piping hot! The first bite in ... the crust was nice and flakey and the custard was soooo smooth. It was DELICIOUS! I'm still drooling over how good it was. Unfortunately, the were really piping hot and both of us ended up burning the roofs of our mouths. :P Not that that would have stopped us! We just kept eating... paying for it now but they were just that good.

*Update* From the time I originally typed this blog, we've had these eggtarts 2 more times! We must have lucked out on the freshness the first day as these weren't piping hot but they were just as yummy let me tell ya. And this time, we could actually enjoy the taste a little more without getting a burn! :D mmm... mmm.. GOOD!


At 11:16 AM, Anonymous felix said...

mmmmmm those look sooooo good! i hope you guys are bringing some back, or learning the secrets to making them!!

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Hank Liao said...

yummmmm. i love egg tarts! those looks quite delish


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