Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Northern Capital

First of all, Happy Canada Day to everyone!

We've been in Bejing for almost a week now and will be catching tonight's train out to Qingdao (for some beer, beach and German architecture)! Beijing has been both intriguing and disappointing for some reason. Disappointing perhaps because I expected more advancements than they've had, both in architecture and technology. For the most part, the buildings are bland´╝îthe computers and connection much slower than many other cities in China, and the subway more archaic than Toronto (if that's possible)!

All this aside though, we walked through the forbidden city, caught a quick glimpse of pickled Mao (that was weird) in Tianammen Square, climbed the Great Wall and tobagganed down (highly recommended!), went olympic paraphernalia shopping, and had some good peking duck with some friends. It was a good time.

I'm not sure how Beijing plans to handle the crowds for the 2008 Olympics. The congestion is brutal as is. We sat in traffic for 2 hours when it really should have taken 20 minutes, the buses and subways packed but I'm sure they have great plans ... although, I know I wouldn't want to be here then.


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