Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Muslim Quarters

While roaming the streets of Xian, we came upon the Muslim Quarters which was pretty cool. Lots of local snacks everwhere and many interesting sights.

There was a huge lineup for these so we thought we'd try it out. Fresh from the pan, they were hot! I was trying to cool them down. They were quite yummy ... sweet on the inside!

This is one of the famous dishes here in the muslim quarters. It's mutton in a thick broth with pieces of bread broken up. Can't say we would have it again but it was good to try once.

This man is preparing a very popular snack here. It has the consistency of sticky rice but is cold and sweet. Interesting.

Huge flames coming out of whatever it was they were making in these pots and pans!

Mmmm..... just like Tibet, lots of lovely butcher shops everywhere. These ones specialized in internal organs though! Anyone want a huge chunk of liver?


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