Thursday, May 18, 2006

Food in Sichuan!

We've now had a couple of requests for some food shots as, we admit, we've been lacking in that area. Sometimes, what we eat just isn't all that exciting. :)

Now, we're in a province of legendary spicy food so what better place than to do a blog on food! Suprinsingly though, a lot of the food here isn't very spicey. We expected EVERYTHING to be red hot! Some have sent flames out of our ears, others are ho hum. We're still in search for rabbit head but it seems to be quite difficult to find. Until then, here are samples of our cuisine in the last few days.


Good thing I had my Zantac ...

Almost like a pita!

Need to cool off ...

Sichan Hot pot!

Bought at a grocery store for 2 yuan and it was yummy!

The best kung pao chicken ever!

The spiciest mapo tofu ever!

After eating those two dishes, I saw the biggest rat ever run by! Good thing we already ate!

Garlic scallops in an alley.


At 7:32 PM, Anonymous felix said...

ohhhh guys that stuff looks so good! washed down with a little tea or beer and it's perfect!! yummy!!!

At 8:06 AM, Blogger Hank Liao said...

my mouth is watering... the spiciest thing in england are posh, baby, sporty and the other one i can't remember the name of.

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Howard said...

mmm... that looks great! Any way you can ship that back home?


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