Friday, May 12, 2006

Freak snow/hail storm at Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake was our last stop and we were looking forward to seeing the infamous sunrise there. We got there in the late afternoon and enjoyed the beauty of the lake very much. This was the highest lake in the world at 4700m. Amazing how a lake can form at such an elevation. As we were sitting by the lake, we noticed these large clouds off into the distance. We thought rain was definitely coming our way and made our way back to our yurt.

Around dinner time, there was thunder and lighting right over us. I was one scared little camper. We heard many somethings coming down on our yurt and opened the door. To our surprise, we saw hail and snow coming down!! It was nuts! It was almost like a whiteout... and how in the world is there lightning and thunder with snow? We didn't think that combination could exist but it did. It did let up a bit at night but we woke up to insane winds at 4am. I thought our tent was going to blow away!! In the morning, we woke up to a nice white landscape. So much for that sunrise we were going to catch :)

I don't think our driver was too impressed either. We had to drive over a 5000 m pass to get back to Lhasa and our land cruiser was a slippin and slidin. He had to stop to put on the 4 wheel drive in order for us to make it. Fun :D


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