Friday, May 12, 2006

Amazingly diverse landscapes yet dull cities

During our 6 days of overland, we went through such a diverse collection of landscapes I couldn't believe we were in one country, let alone one province! One minute, we'll be going through a sea of brown dirt road and mountains which will then change into extremely rocky terrain. At times, we swear we're on the moon or mars as there is next to no life on this earth. (Some images may be fuzzy ... car shots)

Next, we'll be within sand dunes.

One thing for sure, there is a lack of greenery to be found. The craziest sight was when we're driving along and all of a sudden we're driving in snow!! I was totally shitting my pants then because I was in the front seat and swore our land cruiser was going over one of those cliffs because of the slick roads.

We also managed to see a very cool glacier along the way.

Among all this, crystal clear turquoise lakes will suddenly appear and will be breathtaking. The first is Yamdrok Lake, the second a man made reservoir.

Oh yes, and a mini tornado!

On the contrary though, a couple of the cities we went to were rather dull and lacking of character. Unfortunately, many have been influenced by the influx of Han Chinese. Lucky for us though, we managed to see quite a few true Tibetan villages along our route which was very cool. We also saw many nomadic tents and nomads along the way. The image I had of Tibet was finally fulfilled throughout this overland.


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